• Why We Need To Save The Expanse

    The Expanse follows the crew of the Rocinante and Captain James Holden as they navigate our local solar system. In this palantir into what our future holds, Mars has become an independent military power just like its namesake while the Asteroid Belt has become colonized by miners.
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  • A Blockchain For Mars

    If say, Martian miners on Valles Marineris want to mine bitcoin, which has the majority of miners on Earth, the delay in communication due to the speed of light will eventually result in a chain split.
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  • Dreams of Marsfornication

    Part V of The Martian Sex Journal

    From the perspective of the dreamers of Mars, if we can’t even colonize the Red Planet, then this whole experiment is jeopardized. If humans can’t inhabit the cosmos, then we are literally stuck to Earth and its problems and warfare.
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  • Of Martians and Terrans

    Part IV of The Martian Sex Journal

    This is where the irony of living on Mars with the dreams of terraforming it lies in the eyes of this tourist Martian visiting and experiencing Earth for the first time. The Martian’s forefathers left this very planet to settle and colonize Mars and terraform it be like Earth, even though they left Earth because they didn’t want to live there to begin with.
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  • The First Martian-Born Generation

    Part III of The Martian Sex Journal

    To a baby growing up, this is a shocking new way of viewing the world, especially when the people raising the baby use Earth as a reference point. Everything is sacred, everything is sustainable, everyone working towards a common goal.
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  • The Case for Space Sex

    Part II of The Martian Sex Journal

    The topic of sex and procreation in lower- and micro-gravity and giving birth to a child has become an important topic in life sciences. Being able to successfully live in those conditions and give birth to healthy babies that will be second-generation colonists capable of carrying the torch is the most essential task of going out and venturing into the final frontier.
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  • Your Significant Other Martian

    Part I of The Martian Sex Journal

    You’re in your 30s, you live in the year 2029, you just sold all your assets so that you can afford that one way ticket to the Martian colony. What if you’re single by then? Do you think you’d be able to find a partner on Mars to live with?
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  • Becoming a Martian Astronaut (Or a Space Pirate)

    Science should be the most important reason for leaving our world behind. If this isn't part of the goal of an astronaut, then it's doubtful the applicant will get far in the training. You must be in a state of wonder and curiosity about Mars and passionate about pushing humanity towards becoming a multi-planetary species.
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  • A Game of Martian Thrones

    To any techie or space aficionado, the medieval and fantasy world offers us an escapism that is still grounded in a critical analysis of our society. It should come as no surprise then that currently, in our reality, we are witnessing something similar in the race to Mars.
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  • The Martian's Guide to Terran Visitors

    Don’t panic, dear Martians. I’ve taken the liberty of helping you ease into the transition that is to come. We on Earth felt it would be important for you to get accustomed to your new metal buddies, those on the grounds and those orbiting you. Think of them as having your own pets, except that they listen to us.
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  • Take A Vacation to Mars (Or an Intro to Rocket Science)

    You find in you a sense of wonder that there are humans on another planet living and exploring, and you want to be able to see all that and visit it. It’s time you took a vacation. From your terminal, you book a ticket on the next space flight going to Mars and you start planning ahead for your trip.
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  • A Review of Red Mars, the Most Important Novel on Terraforming

    Writing exceptional science fiction stories is no easy feat. On the one hand, the author must try to push towards the main idea or theme he wants his readers to take away from his book, while painting it craftily in an environment and setting that his readers will find exciting and inviting.
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  • What Mars Means to Us, the Dreamers

    Imagine this. Hundreds of years from now, humanity will be divided into two groups, the Terrans and the Martians. They won’t be separated, as you may have guessed, by the planet they lived in. What will truly separate them is the height difference. Babies born on Mars will grow much taller than humans on Earth due to one simple thing: gravity.
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